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By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C.
April 27, 2016
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You have just suffered a crush injury in Plainville CT.

The very name, “crush injury” sounds serious, painful and scary. You shouldn’t panic, but you do need to see a specialist about this, the crush injuriessooner the better.

If you have suffered a crush injury to a foot or ankle in Plainville, CT, you should see a qualified podiatrist such as the staff of Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C. to ensure as positive a recovery outcome as possible.

What is a crush injury?

A crush injury is an injury that occurs when a body part, such as your foot, sustains intense force or pressure such as by being squeezed between two heavy objects. Minor crush injuries can be caused by dropping a heavy object on a foot, for example. Most of the time, a minor crush injury can be treated with application of cold compresses, ice, and rest.

However, major crush injuries, such as those sustained in car accidents, can cause serious problems. Anyone who saw the movie “127 Hours,” the true story of a young man who was canyoneering alone and had an accident in which his arm became trapped and squeezed between a rock ledge and a heavy boulder, saw a stark example of a crush injury.

Such an injury can cause a number of issues, including but not limited to bleeding, bruising, fracture, laceration, and nerve injury. Another serious complication a crush injury can cause is a condition known as compartment syndrome, which refers to serious injury to muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and/or tissue damage in a specific area, such as your foot.

Major crush injuries require medical treatment, including but not limited to antibiotics and possibly one or more surgeries. Your Plainville, CT podiatrist can accurately assess your situation and help you make the right treatment decisions for the best possible outcome.

If you are seeking treatment for a crush injury to a foot or ankle in Plainville, CT, consider contacting Foot and Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C. For more information call (860)747-2200.