Treatment Options For Bunions
By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C.
October 27, 2016
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Foot pain can throw a wrench in even the best of days. Unfortunately, people everywhere experience this common complaint often. bunionsSome conditions, like bunions, are treatable and curable with the help of your Plainville, New Milford and Danbury, CT podiatrist. Learn more about bunions and their treatments with Dr. Joseph Treadwell and Dr. Christian Davis at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Connecticut.

Do I have a bunion? 
Bunions form on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe. You will notice a lump in that area which protrudes unnaturally. Bunions grow very slowly but, in the more advanced stages, cause the big toe to start growing towards the smaller toes, resulting in misalignments and overlapping toes. Some symptoms of bunions include:

  • pain while standing or walking
  • swelling or tenderness around the area of the lump
  • corns and calluses on toes
  • pain, either intermittent or all the time
  • decreased range of motion of your big toe

Women are more at risk for bunion development than men, often connected to wearing high-heeled and narrow shoes. Men, however, can also develop this condition, especially if they wear narrow, dress-style shoes often. Genetics also play a role in bunion development as one inherits their foot type, which could be prone to bunions.

Bunion Treatment in Plainville, New Milford and Danbury, CT
In the early stages, your podiatrist will suggest simply watching the bunion and preventing its growth. This involves avoiding high-heeled or narrow shoes and switching to shoes with a wider toe box and enough room for your feet to lay completely flat inside. Icing the bunion can help relieve pain and swelling, as can taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Severe cases of bunions require bunion surgery. This surgery removes the entire bunion and, if necessary, realigns the toes to their natural positions. Your doctor can help you determine which of these treatments is right for you and your condition.

For more information on bunions, please contact Dr. Treadwell and Dr. Davis at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Connecticut in Plainville, New Milford and Danbury, CT. Call to schedule your examination with your podiatrist today!