Small Joint Arthroscopy
By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut
May 07, 2019
Category: Foot Treatment
Tags: foot pain  

Are you dealing with foot pain that’s persistent and affects your day-to-day life? While there are some forms of foot pain that can be managed with at-home care it’s important to understand what’s causing your pain and when you may need more comprehensive treatment in order to eliminate your symptoms and improve the health of your foot and ankle.

Arthroscopy, sometimes referred to as keyhole surgery, is a surgical technique that allows foot surgeon Dr. Joseph Treadwell to be able to evaluate the joints within the foot or ankle to detect a problem, as well as to perform surgery on these damaged joints to repair them.

What makes Small Joint Arthroscopy ideal is that the camera and equipment needed to examine and treat the joint is so small that there is no need for large incisions that are often required for open surgical procedures. In essence, arthroscopy is far less invasive than traditional surgery and can prevent the need for more invasive surgeries in the future.

Just as the name suggests, our foot specialists are able to look through an incision the size of a keyhole to both diagnose and treat conditions of the joints in your feet and ankle, making it both a great diagnostic and treatment tool to handle a variety of conditions. Plus, since incisions are small, this means fewer post-surgical side effects and a much faster and easier recovery period for the patient.

Arthroscopic incisions will heal within a few days as compared to traditional surgical incisions, which can take up to a week or more. Plus, patients can return to their daily routine after a few days, with full joint function occurring within a few weeks.

It’s also important to understand who can benefit from small joint arthroscopy. Those dealing with cartilage damage, bone spurs, scar tissue that limits mobility, posterior ankle pain, joint damage due to arthritis and other conditions that affect the health and functionality of your foot or ankle joints could benefit from this simple procedure.

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