Protect Yourself From Athlete’s Foot
By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C.
April 21, 2017
Category: Foot Care

Don’t let a nasty fungal infection affect your foot health. Find out how to prevent it!athlete's feet

While athlete’s foot isn’t a serious or dangerous condition to a healthy individual, it’s still a problem that most people would like to avoid. Luckily, you can avoid catching athlete’s foot despite the fact that it is contagious. Our New Milford, CT, podiatrists, Dr. Joseph Treadwell and Dr. Christian Davis, offer up some helpful hints for how to keep athlete’s foot at bay.

Clean Your Feet Daily

Feet pick up a lot of bacteria from the floors of your home and the shoes that you wear. So it’s important that you thoroughly clean your feet with soap and water every day. Once you are done cleaning your feet, make sure to take the time to dry off every area, including between the toes. If you get out of the pool, you should also take the time to dry off your feet. Leaving your feet damp will also leave them prone to attracting a fungal infection.

Nix Sweat

Feet, just like any other part of the body, can sweat. If you find that your feet get particularly sweaty, you can counteract this problem by using an antifungal powder daily. You can even go as far as to sprinkle some of the powder in your shoes. Also, look for socks that offer a more breathable material that wicks away sweat.

Wear Protective Footwear

Do you shower at your local gym after a great sweat session? Do you use the gym pool or the school locker room often? If so, these are veritable breeding grounds for fungus. Fungus thrives in these dark, cool and warm environments. This is where you are more likely to get a fungal infection. Couple that with someone who is also using these facilities and has a fungal infection and your risk just increased. Protect yourself the best way you know how and wear shower shoes or sandals at all times in these locations.

If you are dealing with athlete’s foot in New Milford, CT, and aren’t getting the relief you need from over-the-counter remedies, then it’s time you called Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut to schedule an appointment and get rid of that pesky infection.