Keep Your Foot Infection from Spreading to Your Partner
By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C.
June 27, 2017
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When thinking about your foot problem you probably assume that it can only affect you, and in most cases that’s true. But in some cases, aFoot Infection foot infection (usually a foot fungus) can spread to another person with whom you have close contact. Learn how to keep your foot infection from affecting your loved one and the treatment options that are available at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut in New Milford, CT.

What Causes a Foot Infection?
A fungal infection happens when the foot is exposed to moist, warm environments and isn’t properly cleaned. Walking around in public showers is a common cause. Fungal infections of the feet are common in athletes and swimmers. Some foot infections develop due to a wound that has not properly healed (more common in patients who require diabetic foot care). In normal cases, a wound heals on its own if there is healthy blood circulation, but if it doesn’t, there’s a risk of a bacterial infection.

How It Can Spread to a Partner
Foot fungi can easily spread to a partner when you sleep in the same bed or wear the same shoes. Sharing a shower with someone who has athlete’s foot is also a risk. In a rare case where two partners have open wounds on their feet, an untreated infection of the foot can be transferred from one person to the other. It’s important for any affected person to get proper treatment to avoid duplicating the problem.

Foot Infection Treatments
After the infected foot is properly cleaned, your New Milford, CT podiatrist will treat it with a topical or oral antibiotic medication. Some severe foot infections may require surgery or removal of a nail. If your partner has been affected, ensure that he or she receives proper care from a podiatrist as well to avoid reoccurring infections.

Schedule an Urgent Podiatrist Visit
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