How to Choose the Right Podiatrist for You?
By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut, P.C.
September 21, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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How to Choose the Right Podiatrist for You?

Your general practitioner may be able to assist you with minor foot injuries, and if they're minor enough you may address the superficial symptoms at home. But when you require more in-depth care, someone whose specialization is treating your foot is whom you want to call. A podiatrist is just that person, and choosing the right one depends largely on the ailment you're seeking to treat. If you want to find out if the experts of Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut are the right podiatrists for you, get in contact with Dr. Christian Davis, Dr. Joseph Treadwell, or Dr. Rihamary Jimenez. With offices in Plainville, Danbury and New Milford, CT, they are here to help you.

Ankle Sprains

Many times an ankle sprain requires only some rest, and ice to help with the swelling. But an injury of this type could carry with it plenty of complications unless it is properly diagnosed.

If improperly treated you could be facing a chronic problem down the road, or if the injury is severe enough, it may require surgical intervention. A podiatrist will diagnose your ankle with imaging tests as well as recommend the correct treatment.


Diabetes increases dramatically the potential complications of foot-related problems.

You should take special care of your feet if you're diabetic, taking special care with the way you cut your nails, your choice of footwear, and overall care and inspections.

But don't forget to make regular visits with your podiatrist part of proper care.

Heel Pain

If you work on your feet for extended periods of time you may have already encountered heel pain. Most common in the mornings immediately after getting up from bed, or when standing after sitting down for some time.

You may have tried to address it on your own, but if the pain has not subsided, contacting your podiatrist is your best bet. A podiatrist may be able to help with the use of custom made orthotic devices, night splints, or injection therapy to help ease your pain.

They will also know when surgery is the required form of treatment.

Podiatrist Services in Plainville, Danbury and New Milford, CT

The Foot & Ankle Specialists of Connecticut can provide you with treatment for the above-mentioned foot problems as well as others. For the more extensive list, and to find out how your local podiatrists can assist your own specific case, call Dr. Davis, Dr. Treadwell, and Dr. Jimenez to make an appointment. Dial (203) 748-2220 for the Danbury, CT, location, (860) 355-3139 for New Milford, CT, and (860) 747-2200 for Plainville, CT. Their offices serve the New Britain, Bristol, Southington, Farmington, New Fairfield and Ridgefield, CT, areas.